slouch- verb

1 to walk, stand, or sit in a lazy way
2 droop
3 to go or move slowly or reluctantly

Okay, bear with me if you are one of those people that hate those end-of-the-year reflection articles.  Believe me, I'm none to fond of those either.  And equally annoying are those "here's what to expect in 20xx" pieces.  You know the ones written by some expert,  predicting everything you need to know about 'this or that' subject for the upcoming year. Even worse are those articles outlining the best and worst of something of the year.  But we at Sustainable Houston needed to communicate an end-of-the-year message. We decided to address the idea of moving into the next year with purpose, not simply reacting but really acting to make positive changes.  We're not just simply waxing philosophical here but really digging in and declaring that we intend to move forward meaningfully. 
There are many events over the past year that have made us feel helpless and without bearing.  These include tragedies in the news and uncertainties in the economy.  It would be easy to just mope our way into 2013, slouching forward, feeling un-empowered and rudderless.  But here at SH, we want to be deliberate and proactive.  We have a number of events outlined and a major initiative planned for the beginning of April which we will be announcing very soon.  Our mission to grow the Greater Houston economy by growing local business remains paramount and we will work to carry it out with intention.

So join us as we stand up straight, with shoulders back and chin out ready to tackle the issues of supporting our local business community through sustainable business development.  It's like your mom told you.  When you stand up straight it makes you look taller and feel more confident.  Not a bad way to walk into 2013.

-Rosalind A. Wyatt, Ph.D.

They say you never miss your water until your well runs dry.  And there's nothing drier than trying to be a relevant and influential organization in the larger world without a functioning website.  We've been in the cyber netherworld for a little while now, but thankfully we have returned, better than before.  This is indeed good news; but the even better news is that we've learned that there are so many tools and so much information available to help small businesses and organizations build and maintain websites in a cost effective manner.  Of course the ideal thing would be to find one of the many uber-talented web designers out there, especially those here in the Greater Houston Area.  But if you're not yet at the point where you can afford one of these web geniuses, it's good to know that you too can avoid the cyber netherworld by doing a little research and putting in just a little time.  Frankly, we can't wait till we can hire a web genius to turn us into cyber superstars.  But for now, it's good to be back from the hinterlands.  Besides, the weather here is so much better.  Sunny days ahead....